We offer effective solutions for a wide range of applications, including industrial and architectural market, the automotive and general industry
We have a large stock of electrostatic powders in order to have better and faster customer service
High production potential
Completely equipped laboratory in order to meet the international quality specifications, set by Qualicoat and GSB
The biggest powder coating line for aluminium profiles in the Balkans
Very quick reaction: providing service within 3-5 working days
International markets

After consolidating its position on the Bulgarian market, VIAS Ltd. quickly managed to attract many foreign customers as well. So far the company successfully exports its products to the following countries:

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Pin purple Germany
Pin purple Kosovo
Pin purple Macedonia
Pin purple Netherlands
Pin purple Greece
Pin purple Kaliningrad
Pin purple Ukraine
Pin purple Romania
Pin purple Poland
Pin purple Moldova
Pin purple Serbia
Head office:
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Rishki Prohod 68А Blvd., 9700 Shumen,
Phone: +359 54 830 836,
Fax: +359 54 830 837
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