Thermo-break opening system 70 mm - TBO70

The profiles are provided with 39 mm polyamide, on the frame and on the sash. The system consists of the following profiles: frame, sash, door sash opening outside, door sash opening inside, T-profile, adjoining profile, profile for 90fixed angle, profiles for arbitruary angles, threshold and two additional door profiles. 0423 corner at the frame and 0365S at the sashes. We use an alignement corner Fuji 2000 for the externl side, Ac01(14x1) alignement corner for the internal side of the sashes, 5x1 - frames. 3837 glazing bead provided for 24 mm insulating glass unit, 3819 for insulating glass unit 39 mm, 3818 for insulating glass unit 42 mm, 3817 for 52 mm insulating glass unit and 3816 for 56 mm insulating glass unit. Thre precise quality of the wider 39 mm polyamide combined with EPDM gasket G08 aim and achieve better thermal insulation, water tightness and sound insulation. 



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