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We at VIAS Ltd. have devoted our efforts to making our company a first-class European producer of aluminium and PVC profiles. Our main goal is that VIAS Group becomes a synonym of quality on the European market, while sticking to out values:  

•    The customer always comes first – we pay attention to the signals and the expectations of our customers. Our product catalogs are constantly updated with new profiles and designs in response to the needs of our customers and partners. We are flexible and fast and try to avoid any unnecessary complications of the process. 

•    Trust – VIAS manages to build a relationship of trust and mutual assistance with its longstanding customers, suppliers and partners. For us teamwork is a priority and a source of pride. 

•    Easy communication – maintaining a relatively small administration helps us to eliminate the bureaucracy and facilitates our ability to react quickly and flexibly to the needs of our customers. 

•    Accessibility – our doors are always open. VIAS also has a very well developed warehouse network across the country in order to facilitate the logistics of their customers and reduce their shipping costs.   

•    Innovation – we are constantly following the new developments in our industry and annually invest in staff training, new technologies and equipment. This helps us to provide extremely high quality of our products while maintaining reasonable prices, counting on energy-saving technologies and automation. 

•    Environmental awareness – we use energy efficient solutions to reduce the harmful carbon emissions. We choose suppliers whose products are also manufactured with care for the environment and people. The idea behind VIVA Aluminium Systems is a minimum amount of profiles for optimum number of solutions. 

•    Challenge and inspiration – VIAS Ltd. designs, develops and manufactures aluminium profiles with wide application in a variety of fields, as well as custom profiles in all shapes and forms. Upon request by its customers. For us the development of each new profile is a challenge on which we gladly dedicate our efforts. We count on action, not words. We find new ways to grow and crate value. 

•    Safety and team spirit – workplace safety is one of our priorities. We invest a lot in training sessions and safety tools. We try to create a pleasant and safe work environment for our employees. We encourage initiative and ambitious people. 

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