Equipment and production processes

Packing line

The packing line includes an automatic conveyor for loading the profiles and adhesive machine for application of film on both sides of profiles when necessary with a capacity of up to 60 m / min.

This is a new concept machine used to cover the upper and lower surfaces as well as the sides of the aluminium profiles with a protective film. The machine includes a newly designed blade unit which ensures an extremely precise cut of the adhesive film between one profile and the next, operating continuosuly. This new machine has effectively eliminated the overhanging tail ends which was the case on the preceding models.

The packaging line also includes a spiral wrapping system, it is used for loading profiles and sub-bundle onto the spiral wrapping line. Length approximately 9000 mm with motorized rollers and adjustable vertical rollers for centring the profiles during wrapping. Profiles can be loaded from both sides on a double loading arm system with four loading arms on each side.
The entire packing line, which reaches a production capacity of 4000 kg /h is served by only three, up to four operators.

VIVA ALUMINUM SYSTEMS 'fully automated packaging department offers customers the ability to choose from a wide range of different packing options tailored to their particular needs. This ensures that the end product is carefully protected from injury or contamination during transport and storage.

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