Sliding system 28 mm - S28

Width of the door sash - 28 mm, height - 61 mm and insulating glass unit - 20 mm. The system consists of a single frame, double frame, easily combined in a triple frame. Corner 0484S is used for the frames (as with the opening system) and 0404 - for the sashes. Alignment corner - 5x1. The system is suitable to be combined with an opening system O38, both for opening and non-opening parts. Through the additional profile (2807) the system may use the profile for a  90o fixed angle and the profiles for rarbitrary angles from the opening system, The height for the roller channel is 21.5 mm. Standard brushes. The system is equipped with profiles for sliding anti-insect  screens, they can be used separately. Single glass my be used with profile 2808.



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