Ventilated curtain wall system - CW40

Our new ventilated curtain wall system consists entirely of extruded aluminium elements. The system with lamella differs from the existing solutions with the availability of basic support brackets and accessories. The system ensures accurate fixed 5 mm vertical gap and 8 mm horizontal negative gap, defibed by the lamellas.


Main advantages:

  • quick and easy installation due to only one main façade profile without additional accssories. 
  • wide range of additional profiles serving for the formation of corners and completion of the lamella vertically and horizontally. 
  • wide range of colors and decorations with ame lamella thickness allows for a variety of architectural solutions.
  • low weight of the lamella facilitating the transport, loading, unloading and installation, allows using of large sized lamellas in case of severe loading and provides excellent behaviour of the lamellas in terms of statics.



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