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Sublimation is a process for decorating aluminium where a substance (sublimation ink) as a result of a certain temperature and pressure conditions transforms directly from solid to gaseous state without passing through a liquid state. In other words – the solid substance goes to steam without melting. By cooling the vapors the final product is again solidified. In this process of printing and transferring the ink, the ink is bonded on a molecular level with the coating layer of the profile and thus absorbes permanently in it, rather than standing just on the surface.

This technology is also called Heat-Transfer Process. Through this process countless effects and patterns such as wood, marble, granite and many others can be transferred on surfaces. 

The profiles must be processed with a special powder coating. The coating layer works as a base on which the special heat transfer inks will be transferred by sublimation. 

After cooling down from the coating the profile is ready to be wrapped with the special heat-transfer film. The air is vacuumed from the inside in order to make the film perfectly adhere to the profile surface. Film wrapped and vacuumed profiles are then moved and cured in a special Decoral oven, running at high temperatures (between 220°C and 230°C), where inks contained in the film are transferred by sublimation on the coated layer of the profiles.  

After the curing the profiles are unloaded from the oven and the sublimation film is easily removed from their surface. The profiles are now fully decorated and ready to be packed. The sublimation ink has penetrated the surface of the profile at a debth of about 60-70µ.

VIAS Ltd. owns the latest generation Decoral System plant. Due to the fact that Decoral is unrivaled in this field we are able to offer to our customers additional technology for surface treatment of aluminium profiles – the “wood imitation effect”. We have in stock a wide range of wood imitation colors and patterns who imitate the natural beauty of the wood surfaces. Our reliable partner in this kind of production is Mroglio.

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