Equipment and production processes

Powder coating

Electrostatic powder coating is one of the most widely used methods for surface treatment of aluminium. Based on a combination of appropriate chemical treatment, which ensures the corrosion resistance, and the implement of a wide variety of  polyester powder shades that improve the resistance and the aesthetic appeal of the final product. VIAS Ltd. uses only ecological, chrome-free powders that do not contain the toxic TGIC hardener. 
Our architectural polyester powders are with green management: 
•    No solvent emissions
•    Excellent chemical, humidity, stain and scratch resistence
•    Non flammable
•    High durability
•    They do not contain lead
•    They do not contain hardener (TGIC)
•    Variety of shades and effects – metallic, Fiji, sable, wood

During the powder coating process the aluminium profiles go through the following main production stages:
• Cascade pretreatment tunnel
A key component of the vertical powder coating system is the pretreatment washer system. We use an innovative cascade style washer to provide high performance pretreatment of the aluminium profiles. The cascade washer design eliminates the use of thousands of spray nozzles, typically found inside the washer tunnel of a vertical coating line.
The cascade system uses low maintenance trays to direct the flow of each pretreatment stage down over the top of the extrusions, similar to a waterfall.  Using the cascade system reduces the horsepower requirements of the washer, lowers the pretreatment chemical costs and saves water. 
The chemical treatment stages are:
-    degreasing 
-    alkaline etching 
-    acid etching 
-    chrome free passivation 

After pretreatment the profiles travel along a ventilated oven, made of first-class galvanized steel with a section of iron reinforcements, until their surface gets completely dry. The time spent in the oven depends on the speed of the conveyor. The temperature in the drying oven depends on the requirements of the chemicals. равномерно 

• Vertical powder coating line
Our vertical powder coating plant is manufactured and installed by one of the most precise and reliable companies in this field – Euroimpianti, Italy. The powder center and booths with 22 electrostatic automatic guns are by GEMA, Switzerland. Powder coating plant capacity: 4000 kg/h (average 900 profiles per hour). Currently this is the biggest powder coating line for aluminium profiles on the Balkans.
The self-cleaning vGEMA ertical powder coating booth automatically cleans itself at the touch of a button in less than 5 minutes, which allows very easy and quick change of the used colors. The cyclone unit with diameter 1500 mm has high efficiency, which allows up to 98% utilization of the powder. 

• Indirectly heated powder cure oven
After application of the powder coatings the aluminum profiles proceed to an indirectly heated convection oven for a complete cure of the powder coatings. The natural gas-fired ovens are very energy efficient in design and provide the optimum environment to cure the powder coatings. Indirectly heating the oven eliminates the concerns about possible contaminants from the burner and helps providing excellent control over the temperature of the profile within the oven. 

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